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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Clemson University's Cooper Library Book Project: A postmodern writing / poetry / spatial / intervention

Cooper Library Book Project
A postmodern writing / poetry / 
spatial / intervention 

December 3, 2015 through January 2016

This investigation and subsequent intervention in the Clemson University Cooper Library pays homage to the process of Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books project. Her method involved sorting through a collection of books, picking out particular titles, and eventually arranging the books into groups so that the titles could be read in sequence, from top to bottom.

Seven students from Professor David Detrich’s Advanced Sculpture class have located their version of Sorted Books throughout the library complex.
  • Zie Fletcher
  • Erik Reed
  • Deighton Abrams
  • Rebekah Warren
  • Amber Eckersley
  • Hannah Cartee Haley Floyd 

Can you find all 7?

Clemson University
116 Sigma Dr
Clemson, SC 29631

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