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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Calling Creative Types! Exhibition / Curatorial Opportunity @ The Cube, Raleigh, NC

What could you do with 400 sq feet?


The Cube is an experimental and installation space programmed by Visual Art Exchange and located within the main gallery at 309 West Martin Street in Raleigh, North Carolina. This exhibition opportunity affords emerging and professional artists with a physical space to explore ideas. The gallery is called the Cube because it's a roughly 20×20′ box with a 14' tall ceiling. With minimal natural light interference but plenty of access to electrical outlets and track lighting, the Cube gives artists the environmental control needed to create immersive and site-specific art experiences. It's the ultimate blank canvas! View previous Cube exhibitions!

We are looking for innovative artists, collaborative teams and curators to submit proposals for Cube exhibits in 2016-17. Exhibitions run for roughly two months, with two public receptions. The Cube is open to all living artists, artist teams and curators. Proposals must show promise and strong conceptual grounding. Preference will be given to experimental work, particularly installation, video and performance art. Applicants do NOT need to be VAE members, although the application fee is reduced for VAE members. VAE is available to provide support in finding accommodations for artists and recruiting volunteer help for install.

DEADLINE: The deadline for 2016-17 Cube proposals is 11:59pm EST January 18, 2016.

MONEY: The only fees associated with this exhibit are the initial application fees ($10 members / $15 non-members).  VAE cannot offer any financial support for Cube installations. That said, if we can help you apply for grants we certainly will, and you are welcome to any tools or technology (projectors, etc) currently owned by VAE.

VAE earns 30% commission on the sales of members’ works, and 50% on sales of non-members’ works.

EXHIBIT MAINTENANCE & INSTALLATION: Gallery staff is happy to support you during the installation of your exhibit and lend a hand at times, but the bulk of the responsibility of installing your work is on you. Any maintenance required during the duration of the exhibit (other than turning the space on and off) is also up to you. If the exhibition requires regular interaction (like turning on and off) from gallery staff it is up to the artist to make certain that the components can be manipulated while standing on the floor and that there are written directions for operating the pieces. At the end of the exhibition it is the artist's responsibility to return the space to its original state by painting/spackling/sweeping (or whatever is needed).


: Applications are evaluated by VAE staff and guest curators. Applicants will be notified via email by January 25 after the review of the status of their application. Results will be posted online by January 25.


There are THREE different ways to apply for a Cube exhibit:
  • As an individual artist
  • As an artist team (2-4 artists working together)
  • As a curator (a non-artist coordinating a show of 2+ artists' work)
The main difference between these three application types is the kind and amount of information we ask for. But no matter what kind of application you're doing, all application materials must be completed and submitted by January 18, 2016.

APPLICATION MATERIALS include artist/project statement, resume(s), proposed timeline, image inventory/work sample list, 5-15 samples of your work, and $10/15 application fee.
  • Your artist’s/project statement should be no longer than one page and should describe your current work as well as any directions you plan to your work take in the future.
  • Resumes should show prior exhibition history and
  • Your proposed timeline should be a very brief statement about your expected timing for your exhibition. Is this work currently complete? If not, when do you expect it to be completed? What months between April 2016 and September 2017 would you NOT be able to show?
  • Your image inventory/work sample sheet should be a guide to the samples that accompany your application. Your inventory must contain the following information for each sample: the file name (“01_LASTNAME_TITLE.jpeg”), the piece’s title, the media/materials, dimensions, retail price (if applicable) and date of completion. Click here for image inventory tips! Upload your inventory/work sample sheet as a .doc or .pdf.
  • Your application will not be considered finished until your application fee has been processed. You will be directed to the payment page after you have submitted your completed application.
Upload 5-15 samples* of your work**. All files should be named like so:
02_LASTNAME_TITLE.jpg, etc.
  • Still images should be sent as jpegs should be at least 1000px at their widest dimension, not to exceed 2MB per image.
  • Video samples should be edited to no longer than 2 minute excerpts. Video should be submitted as Quicktime files whose width is no larger than 720px and file size is no larger than 150MB.
  • Audio: Audio should be submitted as separate MP3 files. Each track should be no longer than 2 minutes.
  • Web-based: Web-based work should be submitted as a URL listed in the work sample list. Please only submit web-based projects. 
*If the work you are proposing to exhibit in the Cube is still currently in progress, no problem! You can submit jpeg drawings of what you expect the work will be like, or you can rely soley on images of past work and your written narrative to describe the work you are proposing. It's your call. The Cube selection panel is interested in both the work you are applying to show and your past work.

Share this call-for-art with your community by printing this one-page flyer!

For complete guidelines visit our website!

QUESTIONS? Email Brandon or call him at 919.828.7834 ext. 6

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