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Friday, March 29, 2013

YOURS MINE OURS EXHIBITION, March 25 – April 5, Lee Gallery, Clemson University

Please join us for our Lee Gallery exhibit, Yours Mine Ours, featuring MFA students Jason Adams, Carly Drew, and Ann Pagelow Kaplan, now showing through Friday, April 5.  And please join us for the Reception on Friday, March 29, 6:00 - 8:00pm and Artist Talks on Wednesday, April 3 at 2:00pm.

This week marks the opening of Clemson University’s Masters of Fine Arts showcase, “Yours Mine Ours.” The show is a culmination of the artists’ graduate careers and will exhibit sculptures by Jason Adams, drawings by Carly Drew, and photographs by Ann Pegelow Kaplan in the Lee Gallery. Though all artists are very different respective studio media, the works complement each other well. The pieces emanate personal service and social interaction, personal history and interaction with the natural landscape, and a reflection on isolation in accordance with a personal connectedness in the world.

The curious gallery goer will be confronted most immediately by Jason Adams’s large steel and canvas structure that captures a hope-filled essence of human connectedness. Through performance demonstrations, viewer interaction and process, Adams hopes to “re-calibrate ordinary activities to engage personal and social mechanisms of care.” The interactive sculptures become a vehicle by which a connection is made between the spirit and outward gestures, tying together inward care, concern and respect with outward demonstrations of service, humility and selflessness. The artist calls upon the viewer to allow for transformation; to seize everyday trials and opportunities as a means of selfless giving and outreach.

Viewers will be struck by the raw beauty of rural landscape and historical acreage that characterize the drawings of Carly Drew. Her rendition of detail and meticulous application of fine lines weave together layers of landscape that conflict and harmonize with one another. The works touch upon themes of both personal history and native history and how those histories link an ephemeral landscape to the ever-changing present property. She highlights how the economy, agriculture, science and both the rural and domestic life effect and change the land. The realistic drawings spark a conversation centered on memory, earthen environments and the emotional attachments to both.

Ann Pegelow Kaplan's photo series, vast and beautifully daunting, will allow the viewer to transcend the gallery and travel to Jerusalem, Iceland, and the artist’s hometown of Charlotte, N.C. She hopes the viewer finds the “surprisingly ordered beauty among people and the settings we live in” amidst the chaos of daily contemporary life. Pegelow Kaplan uses these extraordinarily alluring locations to foster and encourage meditation on the experience and place within the world, paralleling the constructs of isolation and interconnectedness. The artist will be exhibiting video work that alludes to the movement and harmonious nuances that characterize these contemplative destinations.

“Yours Mine Ours” will be up from March 25 to April 5 with a reception taking place on March 29, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. The artists will also provide an open discussion about their work on April 3 at 2:00 p.m. in the Lee Gallery. All events are free and open to the public.

Clemson University's Art Department presents Visiting Artist: Jianming Zhong, Department of Photography, Nanjing University of the Arts, China

Date: Monday, April 1st, 2013
Time: 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Place: 1-100 Lee Hall, Art Department, Clemson University
Cost: Free and open to the public

Economic reforms in China in the past decades have brought fundamental changes and comprehensive modernization to the Chinese culture and society. The profession of photography as well as popular interests in it are of no exception. In a recent regional photography competition, 180,000 photographs were submitted for an exhibition of 800 pieces. This speaks for the intense interest in photography among the Chinese today. Each photograph could offer thousands of words of rich stories. In this context, our distinguished guest speaker, Professor Jianming Zhong, will deliver a talk that covers the background behind such interests and its significance in the nation’s future. 

 JIANMING ZHONG is a professor of photography and Chair of the Department of Photography at the Media College, Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China. He has held prestigious positions as a fellow of China Photographers Association and a member of its China Commercial Photographic Committee. Professor Zhong is also a standing board member of Photography Education of the China Association for Higher Education and the Photographers Association of Jiangsu Universities and Colleges. In the last decade, Professor Zhong has been active in promoting international exchanges on photography, including organizing international photography exhibitions, organizing photography missions bringing in internationally renowned photography professors to China, and offering lectures in the United States, South Korea and other countries. His own work has been exhibited in China, South Korea, and the United States.

This event is co-sponsored by The Department of Art and Chinese Students & Scholars Association

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Collaborative Residency Symposium “Pursuing A Life in the Arts” for Students and Emerging Artists at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

On Saturday April 13, 2013, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts will be hosting a Collaborative Residency Symposium “Pursuing A Life in the Arts” for students and emerging artists.  This afternoon symposium will bring together 17 Resident Artists from Penland School of Crafts, Appalachian Center for Craft, and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts to discuss life experiences as an artist, career paths, and artist residencies.   Two moderated panel discussions will be followed by Q&A and a “Mix and Mingle” session for casual conversation over light refreshments.
  • $15 registration fee includes lunch and all symposium activities. 
  • $35 registration fee includes all symposium activities plus overnight lodging on Arrowmont’s campus.  
  • $45 includes all symposium activities, overnight lodging, and lunch on Arrowmont’s campus.
To register (or for additional information) please contact current Arrowmont Resident Artist Heather Ashworth.

Email:, Phone: 270-227-3458

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Friday, March 22, 2013

Trust for Mutual Understanding International Travel Grants to NPOs

CEC ArtsLink fellows during a tour of Chelsea galleries in New York.
(Photo by Anthony Aziz)
The Trust for Mutual Understanding awards grants to American nonprofit organizations to support the international travel component of cultural and environmental exchanges conducted in partnership with institutions and individuals in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe. Priority consideration is given to projects that involve direct, in-depth professional interaction, with the potential for sustained collaboration; that show evidence of professional accomplishment and innovation; and/or that respond to social contexts and engage local communities.


TMU has recently transitioned to an online application. The application process is divided into 2 stages: 1) the initial inquiry, 2) the full application.

Once the initial inquiry is submitted, you will be notified of the status of your project within two-weeks. Due to the large number of inquiries TMU receives, potential applicants are urged to submit an Initial Inquiry at least three months prior to the deadline for submitting the Final Proposal (see Deadlines below).

Please visit the TMU Online Application page to create a TMU user account and begin your initial inquiry.


If, after submitting an Initial Inquiry online, a project then is invited to submit a full proposal, you will receive notification from TMU via e-mail.  You will also be able to log in and track the status of your application via your TMU user account.


While the Initial Inquiry may be made by an individual or institution in any of the countries in which TMU is active, the Final Proposal must be submitted by an American nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, as TMU does not make grants directly to institutions or individuals abroad.


TMU’s Board meets to review Final Proposals twice a year (for initial inquiries, see here). Board review meetings are typically held four months after the deadlines for receiving Final Proposals, which are:

February 1st for notification by mid-May

August 1st for notification by mid-November

Trust for Mutual Understanding
6 West 48th Street, 12th Floor
New York, New York 10036–1802

Telephone: 212-843-0404

Fax: 212-843-0344

Email: tmu (at)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Summer Study in New York and London at Sotheby's Institute of Art

Our summer courses allow students to develop professional expertise, critical thinking skills, and enhanced knowledge of art and the international art market. They offer interesting and compelling insights into the art world and include lectures, guest speaker interviews, and site visits led by Sotheby’s Institute of Art faculty, international experts, and leading practitioners in the field. There are no formal entry requirements and no application process for Summer Study courses in New York.

4-Week Courses

3 June – 27 June, 2013
8 July – 1 August, 2013

2-Week Courses

3 June – 14 June, 2013
17 June – 28 June, 2013
8 July – 19 July, 2013
22 July – 2 August, 2013

Further Information

For further information or questions about Summer Study, please email Lori Kornegay:
Tel: +1 212.517.3929

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013-2014 KALA FELLOWSHIP AWARD: Call for Applications

The Kala Fellowship award is an international competition open to artists from the U.S. and around the world. Artists producing innovative work in book arts, digital media, installation art, social practice, photography, and printmaking are encouraged to apply. The 2013 Fellowship competition will be juried by Kala's Directors and an anonymous panel that includes one fellowship alumni artist, and one invited Bay Area arts professional.

Kala selects nine artists and each receives a fellowship consisting of:

-A $3,000 cash award
-Up to six months of studio residency at Kala Art Institute
with 24/7 access to Kala's studio (An individual studio space may be also available depending on proposed projects and schedules.)
-A free class or equivalent tutorial sessions.
-An exhibition opportunity at the Kala gallery of the artwork created during the residency
-Staff support for community engagement appropriate to their practice

Artist Project Space Residency
As part of the overall Fellowship residency, at least one artist will be considered for a Kala Artist Project Space month, where their projects are developed in a studio space open to the public during their fellowship. This program is geared toward artists making work that is appropriate to develop onsite and engages the public in some form. Artists are given access to a 20'x25' project space for one month, in which time it is open to the public for viewing during normal gallery hours.

CA Artists Living Outside of Main Metropolitan Areas

One of the nine Kala Fellowship awards is designated specifically to a California artist living outside of the main metropolitan areas. To serve a more diverse constituency, The James Irvine Foundation generously funds this Fellowship award. Artists from the North Coast, Central Coast, Central Valley and Inland Empire are eligible and encouraged to apply.


The 2013 Fellowship competition will be juried by Kala's Directors and an anonymous panel that includes one fellowship alumni artist, and one invited Bay Area arts professional.

A Full Application Includes:
-Completed Application Questionnaire
-Artist Resume or Curriculum Vitae
-Statement of Interest in working at Kala Art Institute and how a Fellowship Award will affect a specific future project and/or how it will impact your overall practice.
-Documentation of recent work (see specifications on the online application for guidelines according to discipline)
-Three References
-$40 Application Fee

Applicants are invited to apply online through our slideroom portal here:
The application deadline for the 2013 Fellowship award is Friday, May 24, 2013.
* Students currently enrolled as of May 24 application deadline but who will graduate over the summer of 2013 are eligible to apply for the Fellowship.

* An artist can not simultaneously be enrolled in a degree program at a college, university or art school and participate in a Kala Fellowship residency.

* Kala Art Institute is not a degree-granting institution therefore artists taking workshop classes at Kala are eligible to apply.

For questions about the online application guidelines,
e-mail Program Manager, Carrie Hott at

ANNOUNCEMENT OF AWARDS: on or before July 12, 2013 at – No phone calls please! 

Request For Qualifications (RFQ): Site-Specific Public Art for Life Science Facility at Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Project Title:
Implementation of Site-Specific Public Art for Life Science
Facility at Clemson University, Clemson, SC 

Atelier InSite, which administers Public Art at Clemson University, is pleased to announce a Request for Qualifications for the creation of Site- Specific Public Art for the new Life Science Facility. This state-of-the-art, 100,000 sq. ft. facility has been specifically designed to promote collaboration among the many scientific research entities inhabiting the building. Several sites inside and outside the building have been identified that encourage the implementation of 2D, 3D and or digital/time based artwork.

Project Budget: $120,000 for the design, fabrication, engineering and installation of 1-3 artworks depending on project scope. 

RFQ Deadline: Received by Monday, April 15, 2013. No exceptions. Refer to application procedures at

Description: The Life Science Facility at Clemson University is a new laboratory complex designed for the purpose of developing new scientific research. “Clemson's vision for the building is to develop nationally recognized programs of distinction in life science biology focused on animal systems.” The primary functional goals for the facility are to have a building that supports scientific research activities and engages students via training and education. 

Atelier InSite seeks professionally qualified artist(s)/artist teams to submit an RFQ for consideration and potential selection. Selected artist(s)/artist teams will demonstrate an ability and interest in engaging in site-specific public art. To obtain more specific information about the project and to submit an RFQ please visit 

Sites for the Artwork: Atelier InSite has identified potential sites for artwork in and outside of the Life Science building. Please visit for details regarding potential sites for artwork. 

Facility Program: Clemson University has built an innovative, state-of-the- art facility to house Life Science research endeavors. Among many unique features, the most prominent aspect of this establishment is a re-visioning of the way research is typically conducted. Instead of performing separate and highly compartmentalized studies, the researchers will be encouraged to collaborate with each other via an open architectural structure that physically links the labs. With this fusion of research, Clemson University is challenging the scientific community to make progress by thinking in new, unconventional ways. 

Project Details: Artwork implemented for the project will be reflective of, and not independent of, the qualities and attributes of the Life Sciences Building and its internal programming. All artwork will reflect multiple aspects of the Life Sciences Program including the research areas and will acknowledge a wide range of interpretations; literally, abstractly and otherwise considered. Atelier InSite is of equal mind that projects will be determined via inclusion of the individuals and departments impacted by the artwork within the building. The artwork must not in any way interfere with the daily operations of the Life Sciences Facility, but should compliment it. The artwork must not pose potential harm to visitors or inhabitants in or outside of the Life Sciences Facility. 

For more information about Public Art at Clemson University, please visit:

Selection Process: Atelier InSite and its constituency will review all submissions. A selected group of qualified artists will be notified and subsequently invited to submit a project proposal. A stipend of $2000.00 will be awarded to finalists. Finalists are encouraged to visit the site. 

Selection Criteria: Submittal of all required materials as outlined in the RFQ. Artists must specifically address an ability and interest in engaging in site- specific public art.
  • Originality: creativity and uniqueness demonstrated in previous projects.
  • Workmanship: Quality and craftsmanship exhibited by past work will be considered. 

    Application guidelines:
    To submit an RFQ please visit

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Internship Opportunities at Penland School of Crafts!

Do you have students who are looking for educational work opportunities for this summer? We hope you'll encourage them to apply for an internship at Penland School of Crafts. Penland's beautiful location, exceptional programming, intense creative community, and unique social environment make it an ideal place to spend the summer learning about the arts and non-profit administration while gaining hands-on experience.

Here's the link to follow for complete information about the positions we have available for 2013:

Please pass the word along to anyone who might be interested in applying or sharing with their friends.

Thank you!

Monday, March 18, 2013

PhD2Published provides academic publishing advice for first-timers.


PhD2Published offers a wealth of hints and tips for early-career academics on how to get published as well providing discussion on the future of academic publishing in the e-age. 

Charlotte Frost set up PhD2Published in early 2010 out of necessity. She explains:

I didn’t know how to get my first academic book published, but I did know that it was something I needed to do. I began the site in a bid to find out about academic publishing. In line with many of the projects I’ve written about in the Digital and New Media arts arena, it came from an ‘open source’ ethos. That is, I felt that academic publishing was still very ‘closed source’, in the sense that methodologies were not being freely shared. I wanted to use myself as a ‘guinea pig’, and create some easy methods that others could use and pass on.

More than that, I wanted to make a site that wasn’t just for reading, but could be actively used as a way of developing your career path. For example, post-docs can write for the site and get in touch with precisely the publishing entities relevant to their career path. They can get answers to questions important to them, all while introducing themselves to those entities well before they actually pitch their book. It’s a route to getting yourself on their radar.

On top of this, I had planned that if the site worked and I landed my own book deal, I would let someone else lead it’s editorial direction and use it to repeat my results – and so on. So it’s a resource that’s built around peer-to-peer sharing, but it’s also an umbrella organization early-career academics can strategically work under, and a peer-mentoring scheme.

Current Focus:
From January 2011 the site moved into this exciting new phase with its first Managing Editor! Although Charlotte continues to support Managing Editors in running the site and publishing their work – offering advice and ideas when and where needed – the editorial direction the site takes is their own. So if their field places more emphasis on journal articles than books, that’s where the majority of content will place its emphasis. To get an idea of how the site is currently being run, head over to the Managing Editor’s page and find out.

We offer guidance, advice and discussion on:
  • Pitching to publishers
  • Designing a publishing strategy
  • Presenting at conferences
  • Writing articles and books
  • Writing grant proposals
  • Using social media for research and self-promotion
  • Understanding the publishing business
  • Current and possible future states of publishing
  • Academic life
You can also find out more about the site and what we’re currently up to by visiting the Press & Events page.

How Can We Help?
This site is all about sharing and getting questions answered. We’re always happy to talk to you and find things out on your behalf, so do contact us with anything you’d like to know. However, it’s also a great idea to write for the site yourself. This means you can do your own investigations, in a way that’s most valuable to you, all the while introducing yourself to the publishing entities most relevant to your career.

Don’t underestimate how much of getting published comes down to knowing:

A)     How publishing works and what’s expected of you as a writer.
B)     Being professional, adaptable and easy to work with.

And we can really help you with that. Of course you’ll also need to have a good idea for a book/article, but that bit is up to you.

We have guides prepared on how to write for the site and we’re happy to help you with ideas if you’re stuck for where to start so email or tweet us now and let’s get you published.