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Monday, February 8, 2016

Call for Papers & Presenters: SECAC 2016

I'm chairing the Panel, "Shaky Ground, Scorched Earth, Falling Waters, and Rising Tides: Protecting and Sustaining Studio Practice and Arts Agencies in the Era of Catastrophe"

Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chair of the Arts Council England, in The Value of Arts and Culture to People and Society, echoes Richard Florida, asserting the arts are economic drivers that promote “social and economic goals through local regeneration, attracting tourists, developing talent and innovation, improving health and wellbeing, and contributing to the delivery of public services.” However, he goes one step further, arguing that the arts are “a strategic national resource” that deserves “a new language of cultural value.” 

While few artists would argue against Bazalgette’s valorization of the arts or his recommendations for a better nomenclature, few artists sufficiently work to protect one of the most essential elements in their creative lives: their studios. Taking the time to assess man-made or natural threats to their artistic production seems an overly maudlin exercise, and developing a strategic disaster plan feels more like a corporate chore than a creative act. However, by preparing and developing resilience strategies, artists and arts organizations can minimize the impact of disasters and strengthen their ability to recover with minimal outside assistance. 

This panel will explore arts readiness and seeks input from individual artists and arts organizations across the spectrum of planning, disaster response, and recovery. 

Session Chair: Greg Shelnutt, Clemson University. 




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