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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Link: The Professional Guidelines by Harriete Estel Berman

Just the other day, my wonderful ceramics colleague at Clemson University, Valerie Zimany, told me about an very useful professional resource site, The Professional Guidelines by Harrieter Berman.   

"The Professional Guidelines have been developed as a reference to help everyone in the arts and crafts community learn how to handle common but important situations that may arise. These documents are basic tools for improved and equitable business practices, leading toward more standard professional practices."

They're well organized according to the following categories (with links!).  Don't worry if this post get buried: I have put a link on my left-hand column. Enjoy!

Artist Fundamentals
Juried Opportunities
Fundraising Auctions
Open Studios
Additional Documents

Harriete Estel Berman uses post consumer, recycled materials to construct artwork ranging from jewelry and teacups to entire lawns and sculpture with social commentary.

Harriete is writing an ongoing series of PROFESSIONAL GUIDELINES for artists to promote understanding, checklists, and practical solutions for recurring issues in the art and craft community. The PROFESSIONAL GUIDELINES are available as downloadable Word and PDF files on her web site.

Her blog ASK HARRIETE regularly offers professional advice to the art community.

Ms. Berman has also organized the Professional Development Seminar with Andy Cooperman, Don Friedlich and Brigitte Martin prior to the SNAG conference for the last seven years. 
Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a graduate of Syracuse University (BFA) and Temple University (MFA), Harriete lives in California where she fills many roles as a mother, daughter, wife, gardener, former taxi driver (for her children), exercise instructor, and many volunteer activities.

Harriete Estel Berman has her jewelry, sculpture and judaica in over 35 books including a whole chapter in the book, ReManufractured: The Conspicuous Transformation of Everyday Objects, Makers: A History of American Studio Craft and the cover of The Fine Art of The Tin Can.

Learn more about process and materials of Harriete Estel Berman by viewing her videos or visiting her studio.

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