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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ink Travels: Lessons Learned from Sydney Cross, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Art, Emeritus Professor Printmaking, Clemson University

Exhibition Dates: February 2 - March 4, 2016
Hours: 8am-8pm Monday - Thursday, 9am-5pm Friday

Sydney Cross taught at Clemson University for 33 years. Her contribution to printmaking, the state of South Carolina, Clemson University, and each of her students throughout those years made her retirement in 2015 an event to celebrate and honor. This project, a print exchange between her alumni, aimed to salute her achievements and express their endless gratitude for her dedicated years as a teacher and mentor.
Syd's quote "ink travels!" was given by Steven Chapp, Syd's first printmaking student at Clemson. The phrase is familiar to many. It refers to the valiant but constantly inadequate cleaning efforts in the printmaking studio. In this context however, the quote also refers to the wide-reaching influence of Syd's teaching, as this collection of prints comes from alumni living across the nation, with students who studied at Clemson in the early 1980s to students who graduated in May of 2015.

For the theme, participants were asked to develop imagery based on their experience learning with Syd, whether it be about art, printmaking, or life itself. Reflecting Syd's range of technical skills, Ink Travels contains prints developed with a myriad of printmaking processes, some traditional, some cutting edge. The result is a dynamic visual documentation of knowledge and memories that came from an incredible teacher and will always remain with her students.

Exhibition is free and open to the public.

Gallery Location: 
Greenville Technical College
Benson Campus
Hwy 290
2522 Locust Hill Road
Taylors, SC

For more information:
Call 864-250-3051
or email

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