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Friday, November 11, 2016

Print Envy? Yep! Madison Osborne's 72 by 40 Inch Woodcut at Clemson University's Print Shop!

Madison Obsborne is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Candidate in Art with an emphasis in printmaking at Clemson University.  To see more of Madison's work, please go to:  

The mission of the Printmaking Area at Clemson University is to develop the highly creative artist, one capable of making printmaking a core component of their studio practice and, ultimately, a life’s work. The Printmaking Area encourages cross-disciplinary strategies for making while holding tightly to the importance of craft. At Clemson University, we consider the indirect nature of printmaking (artist-matrix-print) a palette of techniques for exploring ideas rather than an end in itself. The printmaking area’s pedagogy champions a scholarship-based and civically minded approach to making.

While facilities do not dictate the success of any program, they do help:
  • Vandercook Number 4 letterpress
  • Sizable metal type collection
  • Wright etching press (2 x 4 foot)
  • Large format custom etching press (5 x 8 foot)
  • Large format rosin box (2 ½ x 3 ½ foot)
  • Takach lithography press (3 x 5 foot)
  • Rembrandt lithography press (2 ½ x 5 foot)
  • Multiple backing slabs for lithographic plate work
  • An exceptional collection of lithography stones (up to 2 x 3 foot)
  • Modern ventilation system
  • Silkscreen exposure unit (up to 2 ½ x 4 foot)
  • 26-1K Nu-Arc exposure unit
  • Large format Epson printer with dedicated workstation
  • Flatbed scanner

Resources at Clemson University are too vast to list but noteworthy for printmaking students:

  • Free downloads of the entire Adobe Creative Software Suite to personal devices
  • Free access and use of Adobe’s Creative Cloud
  • State-of-the-art Adobe Digital Studio with dedicated staff  
Todd Anderson
Department of Art
College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
Clemson University

For more information on applying to Clemson University's BFA in Art program, go to:  

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