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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Updates from Clemson's Solar Decathlon and Shameless Promotion of Clemson Ceramics' Contributions

Clemson's Solar D entry, Indigo Pine
Monday, October 12

Greetings from the Clemson Solar Decathlon team!

We are currently on day 14 of the competition, and the Indigo Pine solar house is in full swing. We successfully completed the construction of our 1,000 SF home in nine short days and were the only team to do so without the assistance of pre-built house modules. We also are of the few, if not only, homes to built by only students and faculty without the help of contractors. Teeming with innovation above and beyond the competition requirements, the Indigo Pine team is proud to share our ideas with the public, averaging around 1,000 visitors to the home per day.

Clemson Ceramics' dinnerware in the Solar D!
How to keep up:

1. The Solar Decathlon website has a daily “Solar Decathlon minute” video with competition updates as well as a running scoreboard of the team standings. (Clemson is currently in fifth place!)
2. Our Facebook page, has hundreds of construction photos and videos. 
3. You can also go to YouTube to see a 2 minute time lapse of the 9-day construction period.  

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