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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rebekah Warren's "Trap" at Clemson University's Lee Hall

Trap, Rebekah Warren, steel, cushion, ribbon,
handmade book, ribbon, 2014
On February 5, 2014, Rebekah Warren, a BFA Candidate in the Art Department at Clemson University, installed her sculpture, Trap, in Lee 3, the main Art and Architecture building on Clemson’s campus. On her blog, rebekahwarren21, on, she posted the following entry:

"This project was about creating a trap. I focused my concept on the idea of my trap being a positive thing for my “victim.” I created this round, dome-like structure out of rebar that I welded together and then spray painted. Inside of the structure is a cushion, a box filled with strips of fabric and sharpies, and a handmade book of instructions.

"I created a space that is comfortable and relaxing, allowing my viewer to rest and think. By reading the book, they are then instructed to write anything they want on a piece of fabric; a concern, worry, thought, feeling, memory. Their only instruction is to let go. After finishing writing they then tie or weave their fabric onto the frame.

"This sculpture depends on the participation of my audience. They are essentially creating the trap itself with the build of up their fabric and words.

"I am really looking forward to the build up of fabric, so if you are in or near Clemson, SC please come and visit my sculpture!"

Follow the progress of her sculpture via her blog:

To learn more about the BFA program in Art at Clemson University, please visit:

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