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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Studio Protector: The Artist's Guide to Emergencies

The Studio Protector® has two complementary parts:

  • This Online Guide that provides in-depth information including articles, interviews with artists and experts, tips, and annotated resource lists
  • A Wall Guide that provides easy-to-follow checklists for emergency preparation and response (retail price $16)
    The Studio Protector® Wall Guide is an easy to use reference tool with basic checklists for emergency preparation and response. Hang the Wall Guide in your studio next to your phone or in a lounge area or bathroom so you can refer to it often and quickly in case of an emergency. Add your local emergency numbers and contacts to those already in the Getting Help booklet so they will be handy if you need them. Take the Wall Guide with you if you have to evacuate the studio so you can make plans for your recovery.
     The Studio Protector Wall Guide has easy-to-follow tips for last-minute preparations before an emergency and steps to take after an emergency to get you started on a productive course. It is totally low-tech, so you can use it without electricity or an internet or cell-phone connection!

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