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Friday, December 2, 2016

Limited Fellowship Opportunity for Clemson University Art Majors: Penland Partners Fellowships

Art Department & Center for Visual Arts at Clemson University
Penland School of Crafts Higher Education Partners Scholarship Program, Summer 2017

There are two (2), scholarship programs available for summer 2017 to Clemson University Art majors who wish to attend the Penland School of Crafts. One is be funded through the Art Department’s partnership with Penland’s Higher Education Partnership program, with the other funded through scholarship funds. Penland’s Higher Education Partnership provides full scholarships to students from selected colleges and universities, which recruit the students and share the cost of the scholarship. This program received support in 2006 from the UPS Foundation.

The Art Department’s goals for students participating in this scholarship programs at Penland School of Crafts is to promote life-long learning in the visual arts, to stimulate experimentation and skill development, to extend the career development of participating artists through contact with Penland’s network of peer professionals, and to share Penland’s model educational environment with Clemson University Art Department students and alumni. For more information about Penland, visit

Benefits & Responsibilities
  • The scholarship includes: Full tuition for one, 2-week session, room and board; 
  • Recipients may be featured on the Art Department web site. Quotes and images may be drawn from any materials submitted as part of the fellowship application or evaluation;
  • Before leaving Penland, Clemson University student participating in this programs is required to complete and submit a program evaluation form and brief letter detailing their experience (further instruction will be provided to the scholarship recipient);
  • Clemson University Penland School of Crafts Higher Education Partners Scholarship recipients are strongly encouraged to contribute one work made during their scholarship period to the Benefit Auction that occurs toward the end of every summer session;
  • An acknowledgement of the scholarship recipient’s awareness that they are representatives and informal ambassadors for the Art Department, the Center for Visual Arts and Clemson University as a whole. As such, students who participate in the Penland School of Crafts Higher Education Partners Scholarship Program should understand that a broad range of their conduct is under scrutiny for the duration of the scholarship program as well as throughout the completion of course requirements. This pertains to both on- and off-campus activities taking place during the scholarship period, and may also include conduct in a wide range of other settings, especially since housing is provided in the scholarship offer. Students receiving scholarships are reminded of the educational and career development nature of the enterprise;
  • Recipients are asked to give a visual and verbal presentation about their work and experiences at Penland at the BFA/MFA Potluck the following year;
  • RESTRICTIONS: As per Penland’s request, this scholarship is open only to students 18 years of age or older that have “never attend Penland in the past.”
Clemson University Partners Scholarship Recipients are also encouraged to share their Penland experience with Clemson University Art Department faculty, students and alumni, as well as other communities of artists of which they are a part.

To Apply, please complete the attached 2017 Application Cover sheet and submit all required application materials described therein. Sign and submit the full application by the deadline.

Deadline for receipt of materials: Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Submit application materials to: Art Department, ATTN: Penland Partners, 2-120 Lee Hall, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634-0509 [NOTE: applications materials may be hand delivered.]

Questions and assistance: Greg Shelnutt, Chair, Art Department,

Application materials check list:
  • Signed Application Cover sheet
    Cover Letter, no longer than two (2) pages that addresses the following:
    • The artistic goals you wish to pursue through participation in Penland’s programs
    • How you feel that studying at Penland will help you achieve your professional objectives
    • How studying a Penland will advance the conceptual, aesthetic, and technical development of your work  
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (Consult with faculty, the Michelin Career Center and the College Art Association’s Standard’s and Guidelines “Recommend Conventions” web pages for assistance in developing a resume / CV: and/or
  • Digital Portfolio of 8-15 high quality images of recent work (from the last three years):
    • Save digital images as standard JPEG files on a USB Flash Drive:
      • Image size at least 2400 X 3000 pixels
      • Minimum of 300 dpi
      • Image quality 10 or higher
      • Submit JPEG in proper viewing orientation
      • Name each JPEG using the following format: Last Name_Image#.jpg (EX.: Jones_Image1.jpeg)
    • Please Label USB Flash Drive with your full name and place in an envelope with your name on itPlease test before sending! Unreadable files on USB Flash Drives will not be reviewed!
  • Digital Portfolio Information Sheet (number to correspond with image name; include: artist’s name, title, media, size & date)

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