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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Two Clemson Art Department Students in 4th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Spartanburg County Public Library

Shon by Patrick Owens
Exhibition Dates: August 10th - October 19th

Reception: August 27th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
In Bloom by Amber Eckersley
Work on Exhibit:
Janet Alden “Reimagine the Possibilities”
Elizabeth Bagwell “Beautiful Mishap I” &
“Beautiful Mishap II”
Mike Baker “Home Place”
Kara Bender “A Foolish Sheep Makes the Wolf Her Confessor”
Brad Carraway “Tiger of the Sky (Great Horned Owl)”
Jim Creal “Edisto Island: Avenue of Oaks”
Demorris Giovonni Dodd “Shaq”
Andrew Donnan “Reflexion”
Amber Eckersley “In Bloom”
Marion Myers Edmonds III “Grace Kelly”
Harold Endsley “Cat Lover”
Aaron Fields “Triumph”
Drew Fields “Shrine”
Chuck Frank “Iris” &
“East Bay Street”
Sarhel Franklin “Unanswered” &
“Our House”
Carol Funke “Vermillion’s Wave”
Kendall Garner “Speak up” &
“Difficult Conversations”
Dian Hammett “Stairway Mystique” &
“Up, Up, and Away”
McKenzie Hare “Father Figure” &
Susan M. Hopps “Amphibians-Canaries in the Coal Mine”
Gesa Hueckel “A Bouquet for You!”
Elizabeth Kabakjian “MJ”
Patricia Kabore “Joy Gate” &
“Market Woman”
Brian Kelley “Train Track” &
Katherine Klauber “Level 5”
Crystal K. Knope “Sunset at West Bay”
Glen Miller “Portrait in Blue” &
“Figure in Red”
Anna Mintz “Southern Snow” &
“The Incoherent Fence”
Aldo Muzzarelli “ The Discreet Charm of a Butterfly”
Yelitza Diaz Muzzarelli “Small Being on Square World I” &
“Small Beings on Square Worlds III”
Celina Odeh “The Hare”
Pat Owens “Shon”
Ethan Peeler “Flatfile”
Chuck Reback “Sunday Morning”
Margaret Riedy “Rising and Falling” &
“Cut After”
Peter L. Schmunk “Tauromachia (after Francisco Goya)”
Beth Shoemaker “Actions Speak” &
“Questionable Reality”
Michael Shoolbred “Four Houses”
Donald Spencer “Lily Art”
Chris Thompson “Mr. College Park”
Michael Thorstad “Paper Cut”
Lydia Turbeville “Milkbath III”
Doris Turner “Scary Thoughts” &
“Sing a Song of Sixpence”
John Turner “Raku Bowl with Swirls”
Robert Urban “Something to Believe In”
Amy Weaver “Butterflies for Jennifer”
Joan Wheatley “Love Where You Live”
Robert W. Wilson “Bobby Allison Racing Legend”
Fred Wood “Freedom”
Kathleen B. Wood “Spirit Rising”
Virginia Worrell “Pink Study” &
“Mama and the Ruined Roses”
Caroline Wright “Brother”
Greg Wright “Voice of Angels”

151 South Church Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306 864-596-3500

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