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Monday, August 22, 2016

Call-4-Exhibition / Project Proposals: DEMO Project

DEMO Project is an artist-run contemporary project gallery in Springfield, Illinois. The space was launched in September of 2013 with the knowledge that the small bungalow home in which we reside is slated for demolition. The demolition of our facility now comes more into focus: the structure could come down as soon as spring 2017, though it’s still unclear. Much like the terrain of contemporary art, the future is unknown and unpredictable --- but our focus remains honed on cultivating a strong and meaningful presence of contemporary art in our immediate community of Springfield and our region of Central Illinois.

In response to the inevitable demolition of our current (and beloved) facility, we solicit proposals for expanded programming. We are happy to announce a small back gallery space for which we will accept proposals, as well as a call for proposals that are not reliant on an interior exhibition space, but rather: the front and back porch of DEMO Project, the adjacent empty lot and surrounding lawn, the exterior surface of the home, etc. Any interpretation or potential use of the exterior site and surrounding grounds will be considered. Proposals may be singularly devoted to the new gallery space or the grounds, or both. We are particularly interested in proposals that utilize exterior site and adjacent grounds.

This new facet of programming is malleable, and will be steered by the proposals that we receive. We welcome proposals from artists, collectives, and curators.

Andy Roche
Proposals can be ephemeral, happening only in conjunction with opening nights for exhibits in our main space, or they can run for the duration of accompanying exhibits that are scheduled in the main space.

-Works that rely on the exterior of DEMO Project or adjacent grounds will not be secure or insured, or protected from theft or vandalism  
-Because DEMO Project is located in a residential area, works must be securely installed and mindful of the neighborhood presence

DEMO Project provides:
-Installation support
-Marketing and promotion of projects

DEMO Project does not provide:
-Shipping costs

Now accepting proposals for 2017 exhibitions at DEMO Project. Deadline: September 19.

Submissions should include:
-5 to 10 images that reflect or inform the proposed project and/or body of work that you propose
-Image list
-One-page proposal for intended project or exhibition
-Curriculum Vitae
Managing members of DEMO Project:
  • Brad Balster
  • Brytton Bjorngaard
  • Shane Harris
  • Allison Lacher
  • Jeff Robinson
Visit for a gallery floor plan that will offer dimensions for the new back gallery space. Additional measurements and images of the exterior site are available for reference.  

Send proposal materials and/or inquiries to

732 N 4th St.
Springfield, Illinois

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