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Friday, July 29, 2016

CALL FOR ENTRIES: ADJUNKED, a Print Exchange for Adjuncts, Formerly Adjunct and Adjunct Sympathizers

Printmakers! Behold a print exchange for the end of the year. The first of a few exchanges I will be organizing in the relatively near future. This one open to ALL, but is particularly for you adjuncts, formerly adjunct and adjunct sympathizers out there. See description below (and feel free to share)!
ADJUNKED: the part-timer’s print exchange

ORGANIZER: Laken Bridges

This prospectus can be downloaded at

About the organizer:
Laken Bridges holds a BA in French, a BFA in printmaking from East Tennessee State University, and an MFA in printmaking from Clemson University. She divides her time between the hills of northeast Tennessee and the mountains of North Carolina where she teaches part-time. Her studio practice is cross-disciplinary and investigative, often informed by social and political issues. Her work has been exhibited in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Oregon, and China. Laken's exchange experience includes Ink Travels: Lessons Learned from Sydney A Cross, an extensive, cross-country Clemson Alumni print exchange which she co-organized with Texas-based printmaker Adrienne Lichliter.

We are semi-retired. We are emerging educators looking for that “three years preferred experience”. We are career adjuncts, Full-time part-timers juggling multiple classes between multiple schools. We devour our lunches en route or between back-to-back classes. We hold meetings in our “office” in the hallway outside the classroom. We are chronic commuters and reluctant nomads. We are now the higher ed majority.

This exchange invites adjunct, formerly adjunct, and sympathizer printmakers to create and share original prints exploring the challenges of adjunct work. Prints may address the obvious income challenges adjuncts face, may celebrate the “freedoms” of being part time, may critique unspoken stigmas, or consider any other aspect of adjunct life.

Sense of humor encouraged!

Participants will receive 13 assorted prints in this exchange. (A baker’s dozen – It’s about time you got a little extra!)



  • Process: Any traditional; digital printing may be included in conjunction
  • Print size: 11x14in
  • Edition size: 15 identical prints. Each participant will receive 13 random prints; the remaining two prints from each edition will be reserved for future exhibitions.
  • Slip-sheeting: Required. Cut to 11x14in. No newsprint.
  • Typed information: Please include a brief artist bio, contact information clearly stating return address, and a brief print description that includes the print’s title.
Entry fee:
  • $25.00 to cover boxes, colophon, and return shipping costs
  • Please make checks payable to Laken Bridges with “Adjunked” in the memo.
  • October 1st, 2016: Email me, Laken Bridges to confirm participation and ensure you
  • are added to the updates mailing list
  • December 1st, 2016: Packages must be received (not post-marked)
  • January 2017: Folios to be shipped
  •  Packages must include:
  • 15 identical prints with interleaving
  • Check covering entry fee
  • Brief artist biography, contact information, and a brief description of print
  • that includes the title of the work (typed)
Laken Bridges
Department of Art and Design
East Tennessee State University
325 Treasure Lane
Johnson City, TN 37614

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