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Monday, May 18, 2015

Rich Community: an Anthology of Appalachian Photographers Features Three Photographers from Clemson University's Art Department

Cover photograph © by Lisa Parker

Rich Community: an Anthology of Appalachian Photographers

To be released to the public on June 21, 2015: Rich Community: An Anthology of Appalachian Photographers. A collection of new, perviously unpublished 21st Century work by 82 southern Appalachian photographers. The book includes one or two photographs, a short biography, web or contact info, and an artist's statement from each of the participating photographers. Juried and edited by David Underwood. Includes a juror's introduction and a publisher's introduction; 106 pages; 90 original photographs; 8" x 10" softcover. Cover photograph © by Lisa Parker. Retail price will be $65.00; purchases can be made via a link to be found here on this web site after June 21, 2015.   Contributing photographers: check for an e-mail from Sapling Grove Press on April 27 or 28, for contributors' purchasing information.

Rich Community: An Anthology of Appalachian Photographers is a sampling of work by 82 contemporary image makers working in various modes of the photographic medium. Chosen in an open juried competition, this collection reveals extraordinary talent, diversity, and unique vision by many of the 21st Century artist/photographers working in the southern Appalachian region of America. Juried by David Underwood; text sections edited by Susan O'Dell Underwood and David Underwood.

Includes samples of photographs, biographical & contact information, and artists’ statements, by: Rob Amberg, Elle Olivia Andersen, David Andrews, Brittany Bazan, Doug Berryhill, Josh Birnbaum, Christa Bowden, Deborah Bryan, Leah Bullard, Ian Campbell, Rick Cary, Megan Chapman, R. Earl Cleveland, Bridget Conn, James Davis, Andy Drinnon, Nancy Ehlers [Clemson University MFA in Art, photography emphasis, 2008], Terry Eiler, Lisa Flanary, Diane Fox, Polly Gaillard, Hans Gindlesberger, Andrew Gresham, Barrett Hedges, Robert Heller, Lori Hepner, Christine Holtz & Lauren S. Zadikow, Diane Hopkins-Hughs, William Imhof, Trey Jolly, Lee Jones, Daniel Kaufmann, Gary Kirksey, Tony Lawson, Paul Lee, Tim Lewis, Lisa Lindamood, Jacob Long, Jeff Loope, Abby Malone, John May, Brian McDaniel, Olivia Mertz, Sarah Cusimano Miles, Elizabeth Minix, Elizabeth Moser, Pat Owens [Clemson University BFA Candidate], Lisa Parker, Stephen Pierson, David Pittenger, Julie Rae Powers, Julie Rabun, Josh Raftery, Sarah Reuning, Hannah Riffey, Dennis Sabo, Dennis Savage, George Scott, Michael Sherwin, Kim Sholly, Tyson Smith, Lynn Stanger, Sam Stapleton, David Stephenson, Ray Stratton, Joe Strickland, Robert Sulkin, Constance Thalken, Eric Thompson, Kathleen Thompson, Bryan Tilghman, Carrie Tomberlin, Eric Tomberlin, Harumi Umi, David Underwood, Wendy Minor Viny, Joshua White, Chip Williams, Anderson Wrangle [Clemson University Associate Professor of Photography], Clayton Young, Lauren S. Zadikow & Christine Holtz, Matthew Ziff, and John Zirkle.

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