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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dani Frid Rossi, Clemson University BFA Alumna, Featured on Storefront TV

February 17;  Men & More
By Studio Rossi Brody (Dani Frid Rossi [Clemson University BFA in Art, 2010] & Adam Chad Brody)

In 2013, Studio Rossi Brody filmed Men & Pets, an hour-long Internet program that used the format of product review videos to explore the bodies and spirits of men, male animals, and male objects.

Together with Storefront TV, Men & More will expand on Men & Pets by utilizing the dynamic potential of live television to explore male bodies through therapeutic performance, behavioral analysis, physical comedy, group choreography, and clinical erotica. 

Over the course of fifty minutes, Men & More will upend its bevy of male participants by fragmenting their bodies, subverting their expected performances, stripping away their agency, healing their wounds and, ultimately, creating a moment of re-identification that allows for a pluralistic masculinity.

Studio Rossi Brody is the collaborative project of artists Dani Frid Rossi and Adam Chad Brody. Using video, performance, and installation, their work explores the problems of masculinity by creating rituals, experiments, choreography, and fantastic situations that expand the range of male performance.

As directors and performers, Rossi and Brody take an active part in their investigations, often walking the line between serious social scientists, comedians and generic consumers. Rossi and Brody met in Philadelphia as graduate students in Tyler School of Art’s sculpture program and have been making work together since 2012.

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