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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Clemson Art: Then & Now

Image Credit:  Claudia Dishon
Center for Visual Arts - Lee Gallery, 1-101 Lee Hall, 323 Fernow Street

February 3 – March 6, 2015

Artist Discussion

Thursday, February 5, 6 – 7 pm

Exhibit Reception 

Thursday, February 5, 7 – 8:30 pm

Clemson Art: Then & Now is inspired by transitions that naturally develop over time as artists create their work.  The exhibition is divided into two directions, the first is work completed in the print studio by artists during their education at Clemson as undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in the Department of Art. Professor Sydney A. Cross from the Department of Art at Clemson University selected the works for their excellence in skill and ideas. The second direction for the exhibit showcases a work identified by the selected artist that demonstrates their current research interests or a work that compliments the earlier work selected for the exhibition. The resulting conversation highlights an approach to creative research taking place across time and studio platforms.

Participating artists include:

David Armistead 2013 MFA Painting
Laken Bridges 2014 MFA Printmaking
Tanna Burchinal 2014 MFA Sculpture
Maggie Denk Leigh 1999 MFA Printmaking
Claudia Dishon 2008 MFA Printmaking
Marty  Epp Carter 2008 MFA Printmaking
David Gerhard 2013 MFA Printmaking
Sue Grier 2003 MFA Ceramics
John Hilton 2000 MFA Printmaking
Stacy Isenberger 2004 BFA Sculpture
Chris Johnson 2006 BFA Printmaking
Adrinenne Litchliter 2013 MFA Printmaking
Fleming Markel 1998 MFA Sculpture
Jennifer  Miller 2010 MFA Printmaking
Joel Murray 2013 MFA Drawing
Angela Newman 2010 BFA Printmaking
Megan O'Connor 2006 MFA Printmaking
Caroline Owen 2013 BFA Printmaking
Geo Sipp 2000 MFA Printmaking
Elisabeth Snipes -Rochester 2007 MFA Painting
Karen  Stritzinger 2010 BFA Drawing
Lauren Taylor (Holmes) 2007 BFA Painting
JP Tousignant 1999 MFA Photography
Ashley Wood 2011 BFA Photography
Travis Wood 2011 BFA Printmaking

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