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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Grants

The Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation has been operating since 1976 with two main purposes. We offer grants to individual visual artists through two programs: an annual Individual Support Grant and a separate program to assist visual artists in cases of catastrophic events through an Emergency Grant program. We also maintain an archive on the art and life of Adolph Gottlieb and organize exhibitions of his art and that of others.

Individual Support Grants

Deadline: December 15th

The Foundation wishes to encourage artists who have dedicated their lives to developing their art, regardless of their level of commercial success. This program was conceived in order to recognize and support the serious, fully-committed artist, and we hope these individuals will consider applying. Twelve grants are awarded each year. Applications are reviewed by a panel of five professionals in the arts who have no affiliation with the Foundation. In this program, the following criteria must be met:


Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate that they have been working in a mature phase of their art for at least 20 years. Maturity is based on the level of intellectual, technical, and creative development maintained over this time period. Artists must show that their primary involvement has been with their artistic goals, regardless of other personal or financial responsibilities. Artists must work in the disciplines of painting, sculpture, or printmaking.

Financial Need

In addition to the maturity requirement, eligibility for an Individual Support grant is determined by the applicant’s current financial need. A financial disclosure page is included in the application which must be completed and signed.

The Gottlieb Foundation does not provide funding for organizations, projects of any type, educational institutions, students, graphic artists, or those working in crafts. The disciplines of photography, film, video, or related forms are not eligible unless the work directly involves, or can be interpreted as, painting or sculpture.

To Apply

Application forms are available by mail in early September. ONLY WRITTEN REQUESTS FOR APPLICATION FORMS WILL BE HONORED. The Foundation will not mail out applications in response to e-mail, telephone requests, or second-party requests. Each applicant must personally request a new application each year.

The deadline for completed application materials is December 15th. Application materials must be postmarked no later than December 15th; deadline extensions are not given. 

To be complete, an application must include the following:

1. A current application form, available from the Foundation;

2. A group of slides or digital images saved as Jpgs (up to 40) of the artist’s work which illustrates the progressive development of the art for at least a twenty-year period. Each applicant must include slides of at least 5 works of art created within the last year. All slides must be properly labeled and dated.

3. A written statement in narrative form, which should not exceed 3 pages. This statement should include outside jobs which have helped support the artist’s career, changes in artistic approach that have occurred, and other facts which can aid the review panel in forming an accurate picture. All aspects of artistic history, i.e. education, exhibitions, etc., should be described, and dates must be provided for all information.

4. Financial information. Financial disclosure, which entails completing a disclosure page and submitting a copy of a federal tax return for the past year, is necessary in the determination of financial need.

5. A self-addressed and stamped envelope for the return of supplementary materials. Please check with your local post office for correct return postage.

The number and amount of awards are annual decisions made by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation
380 West Broadway
New York, NY 10012
Telephone: 212-226-0581
Fax: 212-274-1476

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