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Friday, June 20, 2014

MOVING LANDSCAPE #2 Artists in Residence program: Lecce, Italy

Applications must be submitted to and 
files mustn't exceed 10mb size. The applications must be presented by 
midnight (Italian time) on 15 JULY 2014.

Duration: 18 days between September and December 2014.

Moving landscape #2 is a workshop open to both national and international visual artists, without age limitations. The project aims to jumpstart a study
of the landscape, specifically the parts of it crossed or influenced by the
railway, and to build a discourse on the dialogue between, travel/land/

Moving Landscape takes form following the need to give a new and alternative  aesthetic value to the territory touched by the railway and to the anthropological consideration that it sparks.

Our goal is to supply monetary support and an organizational setup to  artistic research.

  • CV in PDF format (Italian or English);
  • Portfolio;
  • One or more proposals for the workshop with an abstract in PDF format and useful attachments (pictures and blueprints);
  • optional: reviews, websites, catalogues;

For further information and FAQ visit

Each selected artist will receive a grant of 2.200 euro.

ABOUT PepeNero
PepeNero is a no-profit organization. Since 2011 it sustains and start initiatives aimed to spark participatory processes of active citizenship about revivification of non­functioning public spaces supporting diversification of local enterprises. With the project 'Rete dei Caselli Sud Est' we launches the reclamation and the re­-purposing of the Sud­Est railways' crossing keeper houses as essential subjects in the sociocultural development of the region.

Moving Landscape is a PepeNero project inside the frame of GAP, a territorial laboratory of art's experimentation and contemporary languages contaminations. GAP is realized with the help of the Foundation 'Con Il Sud', inside the innovative and special projects in 2010, and with the contribution of the Puglia Region.

Southern Puglia, late 20th century, a dense net of 400km of railways is the nexus of commerce and communication, transporting people and wares throughout the region. With the advent of paved roads and electricity, commerce change his routes and railways lose swiftly their supremacy as means of transport. Crossing keeper's houses lose their value and their task, get forgotten and with them is forgotten also the sense of community and the social life that surrounded them.

The aim of the project Rete dei Caselli Sud Est (Crossing Keeper's Houses Network), launched by PepeNero in 2011, is to regain familiarity with the region, to build possible pathways, greenways on the pre-existent layout, maintaining the relation between the working and the social aspects of the keeper's houses, to map places and verbal accounts, and in the meantime to walk cultural associations through the Keeper houses' assignment process, seeing as, since about 10 years ago, management of disused keeper's house was entrusted to cultural associations.

Between January and March 2012 we started mapping the old railways, and forsaken crossing keeper's houses one by one, to acquire a first hand knowledge of the landscape and of the people that inhabit it, collecting stories and pictures.

After two years of work the archive grows bigger and with a distinctiveness and importance stronger by the minute. Here we propose the chance to draw from all the archive materials to create something unique.

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