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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kathleen Thum, Clemson University Assistant Professor of Art, Featured in TOWN Magazine's Second Glance, May 2014

Pipe Dreams

Kathleen Thum's drawings explore the likenesses 
between man, earth, and infrastructure

Crisscrossed scaffolding, pipelines, and pathways dominate Kathleen Thum's work -- infrastructural elements at once arterial, lifegiving, and suffocatingly dense. Thum compresses the terrestrial landscape with man-made elements to capture the "ongoing shift of power between mankind and the earth."  In exploring this complex relationship, the earth is as much integrated with these man-made systems as it is disturbed by them.  Thum's drawings will be displayed as part of the Clemson Department of Art Faculty Exhibition, which features works of 10 other faculty members in various media, including sculpture, digital media, and printmaking.  -Casey Lovegrove

The Clemson Department of Art Faculty Exhibition is on display through May 31 at Clemson's Center for Visual Arts--Greenville, located at 1278 Pendleton Street in the Village of West Greenville.  The gallery is open Tues-Sat, 10:30 am--5:30 pm.  Hours will be extended to 9pm on First Fridays.

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