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Monday, January 13, 2014

19th Young Package Design Competition: TAKE AWAY

Model Obal company and CZECHDESIGN is pleased to announce the 19th year of the Young Package competition which brings a new topic this year: TAKE AWAY.

Originally, a term TAKE AWAY was related to packaging of meal from fast food. However , today it isn't only about quick lifestyle and junk food.  We are looking for that kind of TAKE AWAY packages, which will be original and functional at the same time. That kinds of package, which can help carry things from shop to home- nice package for clothes, which can be use for instance also as a wrapping paper, an ingenious package of six bottles of beer or clever package for fragile vase.

You can register in one of our two categories: high school students or university students and designers up to 30 years of age. The winner of the first group will receive 1100 EUR and one of the winners will be chosen for three weeks remunerated internship in innovation center of Model Obaly company. The rest of prize-winning will be awarded by another financial bonus or other prizes donated by the competition partners. This year the special prize of Slovak Design Centre will be awarded too.

The deadline is on 14 March 2014. Please find the detailed terms and conditions in the attachment of this email. You can also find them, as well as many pictures of winning entries from previous years, on our website:


For general questions of any kind, please contact Radka Pitrmucová. 
Radka Pitrmucová
manager of the Young Package competition
tel.: +420  739 071 491
Organiser of the Young Package competition
Vojtěšská 3, Prague 1, 110 00
Czech Republic
Model Obaly, a.s.
Promoter of the Young Package competition
Vanda Myšáková
tel.: +420 553 686 412

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